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The unlawful possession, manufacture or sale of guns and other weapons are serious criminal charges on Long Island. A person charged with a gun or other weapons related crime could be facing a felony conviction and lengthy jail time. Our Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of weapons related charges in the Nassau County and Suffolk County criminal courts. There are legal defenses and mitigating factors that can be presented to fight these types of criminal charge or obtain a favorable plea bargain.

Our Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyers have successfully raised a variety of defenses for clients charged with gun and weapons related crimes including but not limited to, temporary innocent possession, operability of the weapon, justification, mental defect, illegal search and seizure and rebutting the “automobile presumption.”

If you or a loved one have been charged with a gun or weapons related crime in the Nassau County or Suffolk County criminal courts, contact The Elbert Law Firm for a free consultation today. Our Long Island criminal defense lawyers will assess your case and your individual circumstances, explain your options and provide you with a strategy to obtain the best results possible in your Long Island gun or weapons related criminal charge.

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